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Watch the amazing activity on the surface of the Sun while it really happens from the Solar Dynamics Observatory orbiting the Earth and monitoring the Sun 24/7.

Picks of the Week

Spectacular events on the solar surface in pictures and videos as selected by the SDO/NASA team.

Filament Burst

Active Regions in Profile

Shifting Plasma

Two Coronal Holes

Long Distance Connection

Hedgerow Prominence Erupts

X2 Flare Erupts

Brief Outburst

The Line-Up

Snaking Filament

Fascinating facts

The density in the core of the Sun is incredibly high. So high, that it takes the light up to several million years to escape to the surface of the Sun. This process is called »Random walk«.
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See for yourself

Did you know, that you can actually observe sunspots, prominences and the corona yourself? Get tips on how to get started and recommendations for the best tools and equipment.

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All solar images courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams...