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Watch the amazing activity on the surface of the Sun while it really happens from the Solar Dynamics Observatory orbiting the Earth and monitoring the Sun 24/7.

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Spectacular events on the solar surface in pictures and videos as selected by the SDO/NASA team.

Streaming Push and Pull

Two filaments Break Away

Loops in Profile

Pi-shaped Prominence

Plasma Push and Pull

Five for Five

CME Blow Out

Seesaw Filament

Hedge Row Prominence

Active Regions Galore

Fascinating facts

A total solar eclipse happens on average each 1.5 year. Solar eclipses can occur up to 5 times per year. The most recent year offering 5 solar eclipses was 1935 and the next occurrence will be the year 2206.
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See for yourself

Did you know, that you can actually observe sunspots, prominences and the corona yourself? Get tips on how to get started and recommendations for the best tools and equipment.

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All solar images courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams...